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Quality assurance is a process by which the standards of the products are checked by a company, and a confirmation is given for its further usage. There are many ways in which the quality standards of a product are tested, and they are then made public for the usage by the people. Quality assurance is very important for the reputation of the product and the company because at times some flaws are left in the product that the company does not realize while developing it and can harm the reputation. Also if there is a mark of quality assurance on the product, it strengthens the customer’s trust on it. There are some IT quality standards laid by the government that needs to be fulfilled before the product gets launched in the market. These standards include:

  • Description of the goals, purpose, objective and scope of service of the products.
  • The whole description of the approximated timeframe for finishing the task and the how it has to be evaluated.

Both these standards have to be met to launch the product in the market. Technaitra is a QA Services India that can help the various producers in this task and provide them with quality certificates.

We Are Software Testing & Quality Assurance Company India

Based in Chandigarh, the Technaitra is an independent software testing companies in India which can help you in testing the software that you have created and whether it is at par with all the IT standards or not. At Technaitra, we involve quality practice and proven methodologies to give the best results to the clients. The reason most companies try to get their products tested early is that it is better to find the defects early a get them corrected. Otherwise, they would have to install high costing inspection systems and make changes in all the products. The quality assistance plan of Technaitra involves the following steps:

  • Creating a quality assurance plan
  • Using software engineering techniques
  • Making use of the multi-tiered testing technique
  • Controlling all the changes
  • Performing detailed audits.
  • Calculating the impact of the change

Hence if you are looking for the perfect company to provide you with the software testing, then Technaitra is the best option for you. We have an open portal for our customers to check the total cost of the service for free. If you are interested in availing our services, give us a call, and we will provide them to you happily.

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