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Employee Management System

With an integrated employee management system, businesses can easily track and manage employee data, performance, and development. This ensures that organizations can make informed decisions to enhance workforce productivity.
  • Employees
  • Roles & Privileges
  • Custom Fields
  • Staff Directory
  • Import Employees
  • Employees Exit
  • Expired Documents
  • Employees Last Login

HRMS Systems

Our Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) offer a holistic approach to HR tasks, integrating various processes seamlessly. Experience efficiency and accuracy with our comprehensive HRMS solutions.
  • Awards
  • Transfers
  • Resignations
  • Travels
  • Promotions
  • Complaints
  • Warnings
  • Terminations
This Article is in a Series About Understanding Organizational Structures and Design
  • Company
  • Official Documents
  • Location
  • Department
  • Designation
  • Announcements
  • Company Policy
  • Organization Chart

Timesheet Management

Optimize workforce productivity with our cutting-edge timesheet management software. Streamline the tracking and reporting of employee hours, project timelines, and resource allocation.
  • Attendance
  • Monthly Timesheet
  • Timesheet Calendar
  • Date wise Attendance
  • Update Attendance
  • Overtime Reques
  • Import Attendance
  • Office Shifts
  • Manage Holidays
  • Manage Leaves

Payroll System

The pinnacle of efficiency and accuracy with our state-of-the-art payroll system. Revolutionize the way you manage your workforce's financial transactions, ensuring seamless payroll processing that saves time and minimizes errors.
  • Generate Payslip
  • Payroll

Project Management Software

Elevate your project management capabilities with our innovative HRM software solution. Seamlessly plan, execute, and monitor projects of any scale with user-friendly tools and collaborative features.
  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • Time Logs
  • Projects Calendar
  • Tasks Calendar
  • Tasks Scrum Board
  • Projects Scrum Board
  • Task Categories
  • Tax Type


Boost your team's productivity and efficiency with our inbuilt tools. Collaborate with team members, share opinions, and manage your tasks more efficiently.

Quote Manager
In Quote Manager, users can create and assign quotes, add items from their inventory database to quot.
  • Clients
  • Leads
  • Estimates
  • Invoices
  • Invoice Payments

Training Management

Optimize workforce development with our streamlined training management system. From scheduling to analytics, empower your team with tailored, secure, and compliant training programs, fostering a culture of continuous learning and enhancing overall performance.
  • Training List
  • Training Type
  • Trainers List
A Performance is an act of staging or presenting a play, concert, or other form of entertainment.
  • Indicator
  • Appraisal
  • Goal Tracking
  • Goal Type
The field of Finance's founding and progress coincides
  • Accounts List
  • Account Balances
  • Payees
  • Payers
  • New Deposit
  • New Expense
  • Transfer
  • View Transactions
  • Reports
HR Calendar
HR and Payroll Compliance Calendar: Key Dates for HR and Payroll Managers
A new technology called mobile ticketing delivers tickets


Integrate your most frequently used third-party apps with Technaitra. Choose from over 60+ apps listed on our Appstore or build your own.

Recruitment process is a process of identifying the jobs vacancy
  • Job Posts
  • Job Candidates
  • Employer
  • CMS Pages
  • Files Manager
Files Manager
File Manager +, you can easily manage your files and folders on your device
An asset is a resource with economic value that an individual, corporation
  • Assets
  • Category
Events & Meetings
It seems that nowadays the words meetings and events are thrown around interchangeably.
  • Events
  • Meetings
HR Reports
The Human Resource dashboard and HR report are an important part of managing Human Resources.
  • Payslip Report
  • Attendance Report
  • Training Report
  • Projects Report
  • Tasks Report
  • User Roles Report
  • Employees Report
  • Leave Reports
A system is a group of interacting or interrelated entities that form a unified whole.
  • Settings
  • Setup Modules
  • Theme Settings
  • Payment Gateway
  • Constants
  • Database Backup
  • Email Templates

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