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    Talent Management

    HR considers that people are vital for the success of any organization.

    The objective of our recruitment process is to obtain the right set of people who would contribute to achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. We help businesses to create a pool of prospective employees for the organization from which the company's management can select the right candidate with the right skills set. We consider that Technaitra HR is a vital link between the employers and the job seekers, to ensure the placement of right candidate at the right place at the right time.

    HRs recruitment process aims to :

    • Attract and encourage candidates with right skills set to apply for matching positions.
    • Create a talent pool from which businesses or employers can choose the best.
    • Determine and decide the emergent requirements of employers for the right people.
    • Establish strong bonds of professional relationship between employers with the employees.
    • Increase the pool of people at minimum cost.
    • Follow a process by which there is guaranteed success rate with elimination of the under qualified or overqualified jobseekers.

    HR helps employers at different levels :

    • Initial screening of the people for job positions available.
    • Creating a suitable pool of talent for the final selection by employers.
    • Employing HR people with experience and expertise in the recruitment process.

    By availing our Recruitment Solutions , Employers would benefit in many ways:

    • Identify prospective employees from a list of suitable candidates possessing matching Skills set.
    • Enjoy value creation, operational flexibility and competitive advantage.
    • Spending productive time on identifying shortlisted candidates & saving a lot of resources and time.

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